Sunday, April 21, 2013

No More Boogers Book

Nose picking can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing subject. In this book, social situations are presented in an appropriate manor in order to teach children the proper methods of using a tissue, blowing their nose and appropriate social behaviors associated with boogers. The "No More Boogers Book" is perfect for pre-school or early elementary age students. It is also appropriate for children with autism, PDD or other developmental disorders.  Along with parents of pre-schoolers, this book is currently being used for teacher training in autism education. 

I wrote this book out of desperation of my son’s embarrassing booger picking habit. My son is autistic, and at the time of the writing of the book, he learned best through pictures and social stories.  The book worked in helping him to stop picking his nose. My daughter, a toddler at the time, also stopped picking her nose after reading the book. I felt others could benefit from this book so I teamed up Jon Stokes, a professional artist, and graphic designer, Jill Levins, to form the No More Boogers Book.

The book is available at,, (Barns and Noble) Natures Corner and Burlington By The Book bookstore in BurlingtonIA.

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What moms are saying:

Broderick loved the book. He had it memorized in a matter of days and was so excited to always use a tissue! And he would ask the questions .... Wipe it on a friend? 

NO WAY!!! Loved that the book could get him to do something I could not convince him to do --- use a tissue.  - Megan S. 

Mrs. Dowd’s book is so awesome for our special needs son to help teach him manners about his nose and it is very educational.  My family loves it!  - Lisa M.

My 3 year old daughter loved this book! She asks to read is all the time and it was helpful, too! - Holly U. 

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