Monday, April 7, 2014

Gluten-Free Bread for Machine

3 1⁄8 c. gluten-free flour mix 
1⁄2 t.salt
1⁄2 t. xanthan gum
2 T. brown sugar or blackstrap molasses 
1⁄4 t. ascorbic acid or vinegar (optional)
3 eggs,beaten 
1 1⁄8 c. warm water
3 T.oil
1⁄4 t. or 1 packet yeast

Place ingredients in bread machine according to manufacturer’s directions. Press start button. Or, dissolve yeast in warm water for 5 minutes. Combine flour, salt, xanthan gum, and brown sugar in a small bowl. Combine eggs, water with dissolved yeast, and oil in bread machine bucket. Add dry ingredients. Set to “light” cycle. Press start.

This is the best machine bread yet! This is as close as I could come to “regular” bread. The blackstrap molasses gives the bread extra nutrient content but gives the bread a bit of a different flavor. My son likes it with either the brown sugar or the molasses. This bread freezes well. 

Recipe found in Special Diets: Tightwad Tara's Guide, by Tara Dowd for which contains over 230 gluten-free and allergy-free recipes!

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